Photo Finder reminds you where you took that picture

I love the idea of geotagging photos — embedding GPS data into your pictures so you know the exact location where the image was taken. ATP has introduced the Photo Finder to make the process easier without needing to attach a device to your digital camera.

The Photo Finder has a built-in GPS that keeps track of all the places you've been to, including the time you were at any particular location. When you pop a memory card from your camera into the Photo Finder, it syncs GPS data with all your photos' time stamps. While you can still print your photos or send them to your MySpace page, the real fun begins when you use the Photo Finder software to connect to Google Maps, Flickr, and Panoramio that pin the images to an online map. If you want to know where you took the picture of that awesome sunset, simply look it up on the map.

The drawback isn't the $99 price tag, which is relatively tame, but the fact the Photo Finder only supports JPEG images. While this will meet the needs of most, photogs that shoot in RAW or TIFF formats are going to be out of luck.

ATP, via Oh Gizmo!