Pentax's new K20D sports 14.6-megapixels and a brand new Samsung sensor

Pentax announced a whole new line of cameras and lenses today, including two new SLRs, the K20D and the K200D, which will replace the K10D and K100D respectively. The company is pushing hard to be a top competitor with Canon and Nikon in the consumer DSLR market, and to that end it’s added some great features to its DSLRs.

The K20D is the most exciting element of the new line-up. It has an "extended" ISO range to 6400, body-based shake reduction, and live-view on its 2.7-inch LCD screen. Usually we're not impressed when companies add more megapixels to a new camera: with point and shoots more megapixels rarely means better image quality. However, Pentax has added 4.5-megapixels to the K10D's 10.1 by equipping its camera with an impressive new sensor. The company is using a Samsung CMOS (Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor) sensor, which apparently leads to "high noise immunity." So here's hoping that Pentax isn't just upping Nikon and Canon in a megapixel war, but that its new camera will actually deliver more detailed images. Of course, we won't really know how excited to be over this new model until it ships in April. The K20D's body will cost $1,300; its less expensive sibling, the K200D, will cost $800 with a kit lens.

via Pentax