CES New: New Panasonic camcorders record 1080p to SD cards, and eliminate footage of sidewalks.

Panasonic announced a pair of new 3CCD camcorders that can record full 1080p to SD cards, including Panny's new 32GB offering. The HDC-HS9 ($1,100) also includes a 60GB HDD, while the HDC-SD9 sticks with SD cards, shaving the weight to a mere 10 ounces… just the thing for making HD movies of your hike up Mount Washington.

Both camcorders feature 5.1-channel surround audio recording, and what the company calls Intelligent Shooting Selection Playback, which can skip over any footage it thinks you shot accidentally, like that 10 minutes of your feet walking around Chinatown when you thought it was turned off.

Both models will be available in March.