Near-invisible LCD weather station must be ashamed of itself

It's nice to see these type of LCD weather stations finally come around and become a regular part of any household. It seems like it was only a year ago that they were big, bulky and expensive. La Crosse Technology's latest weather station has cut out all of the riff-raff to leave one very simple and very easy to use LCD weather station, with a catch.

It's clear. I'm not sure if the weather station is ashamed of itself, or maybe it knows you are a bit ashamed of the weather as well, but the digital display is completely clear and save for the top, silver mounting bar, this weather station is pulling a Wonder Woman and going completely invisible. The saving grace for this LCD weather station is the simplicity though and in all reality, the clearness is because of the purpose to window-mount the thermometer. Current temperature, high temperature and low temperature if all that is really needed. Forecasts are reserved for overweight men in suits standing in front of a green-screen.

The LaCrosee LCD Window Thermometer is available for a very manageable $15.

LCD Window Thermometer, via Crave