Morphie Juice Pack: a sleek solution to double your iPhone's battery

The Morphie Juice Pack promises to double the life of your iPhone's battery, and thankfully it comes in the form of a stylish sleeve rather than a bulky power brick. It uses the same charger your iPhone or iPod does, has four LED lights on it that let you know how much battery life is left and — possibly its coolest feature — your iPhone will drain the Juice Pack before its own battery. As long as you've got a little bit of power left, running the Juice Pack down to empty won't mean the end of the line.

If you spend most of your time just talking on the iPhone this power pack may not really make all that much of a difference. For anyone who finds the battery wanting when it comes to surfing or watching movies or listening to music, however, the added life would be a welcome addition.

The Morphie Juice Pack is available for preorder at the moment, for $100.

Morphie, via Popgadget