Maria USB Stick keeps your data in its prayers

People put some pretty important files on their flash drives, so it's only fitting that they'd want a little peace of mind when it comes to keeping it protected. While some companies market drive with keypad protection or other high-tech means of security, Maria puts it all in the hands of the higher powers, with an inscription that reads "Oh Maria Keep My Data Safe" on its halo.

Designed by Luis Eslava of Spain, the Maria USB Stick comes in a Plexiglas housing and may as well be a display piece instead of a flash drive. It only holds a measly 512 MB, but may just charm you with its aesthetic. When Maria is connected to a machine its red LED heart will begin to pulse in time with what's happening — access data and it'll beat faster.

Divine protection for your data doesn't come cheap, though. The Maria USB Stick costs over $100.

Mario USB Stick, via Eternally Cool