See the MacBook Earth, Water and Fire

You've seen the MacBook Air — are you ready for the MacBook Earth, Water and Fire? We weren't either, but then we got our hands on these images of a new generation of notebooks. Ever wanted your computer to be recyclable, blazing fast (literally), or poured out of a bottle? If you answered "yes" to any of those, there's now a MacBook for you. No word on prices or release dates, but click Continue for pictures and descriptions of each.

MacBook Earth: Greenest laptop ever. The MacBook Earth has no electrical cord — save the planet with this wind- and solar-powered notebook. The phosphorescent screen consumes mere nanowatts, and the fireflies it attracts will impress your friends. Best of all, the chassis is a durable clay, making it 100% biodegradable. Bury the MacBook Earth when it’s time to upgrade. Your garden will thank you.

MacBook Water: You don't turn on the MacBook Water — you pour it on. Just unscrew the carrying case and splash the iFluid onto any handy flat surface… instant mobile computing. The iFluid immediately takes the shape of a keyboard and monitor, with less boot time than a cellphone. When it's time to pack up, simply wipe up your notebook with the included sponge and wring back into the case. Warning: Storing the MacBook Water at temperatures below 0°C will void the warranty.

MacBook Fire: The processing speed of the MacBook Fire is hellishly fast. The chips are so powerful, in fact, that the insides glow, eliminating the need for a keyboard backlight. But don't worry — the casing's heat-resistant material ensures you never have a meltdown, and the monitor is made of durable welding glass. When things get too hot to handle, just slip on the supplied asbestos gloves. Consider the tan you get a bonus.

Images by Falon for DVICE