Livescribe gives your pen some brains

Pens are one of the cheapest, most disposable members of the office supply family, but Livescribe is looking to change that. It wants you to view your pen like a gadget, much like you view your computer, cellphone, or MP3 player. And it wants to charge you a lot more for it than you'd pay for a normal pen.

That's because the Livescribe Pulse pen is loaded with electronics not found in your average Bic. It records and uploads whatever you write to your computer (provided you were writing on special paper), allowing you to digitize your notes and doodles without a scanner. It can also act as a voice recorder and play audio back to you. It's a multipurpose device in the body of a pen. Will its features be enough for you to toss your ballpoint out the window and make the upgrade?

LiveScribe, via Oh Gizmo!