Korean game show pays out big for invention I-O-U's

In Korea, a game show called Idea - How Much? pits budding inventors against nearly two dozen CEOs of real businesses. The contestants try to secure support for their idea and win a payout based on how good it is — and then, y'know, maybe actually doing something with it.

One contestant managed to score the equivalent of around $750,000 in South Korean won for pitching a screensaver that plays streaming video when your computer goes to sleep instead of a collection of pipes, or the inside of a fish tank. Call me a bit old fashioned, but typically I want the least intrusive screensaver offered for when my computer goes inactive, if I even use one at all.

The show is a bit like American Inventor here in the states, the difference being on Inventor, contestants need to build working prototypes of what they pitch.

Web 2.0 Asia, via Popgadget