Giant iPod earbud speakers are a no brainer

With iPods of all colors and shapes available, those little white earbuds that have become more of a fashion trend than legitimate audio accessory and you know a product like this was bound to happen. The 500XL is, guess what, 500 times larger than the standard iPod headphones. The included amp allows the speakers to be plugged into a Zune iPod for loud, portable tunes and hilarious hijinks if your heart desires. They can also be used with a laptop as an Apple fanatic's regular set of speakers, similar to the stereotypic hipster Apple user in the product picture above.

The lack of a price, inability to find a purchase link and very Photoshop-looking image leads me to believe that the 500XL is simply a gag, but a pretty good one at that. It could make a great gag gift for anyone who is obsessive about their iPod, has big ears, or is overly fat.

500XL, via Uberreview