Giant light-up shoe represents Japanese culture, big feet

From Freedom of Creation, a design firm, comes this meter-long light-up shoe for Onitsuka Tiger, a Japanese shoe manufacturer. It's more than just a funky shoe — all aspects of it are meant to symbolize Onitsuka Tiger's history in Japan while capturing the modern feel of the country. How does a light-up shoemaker do that? First, fill the toe area of the shoe with Japanese symbols. Them pay special attention to the bands around the shoe: they're meant to look like roads, with the tongue of the shoe being a runway. Finally, within the actual shoe itself is a detail-rich and well-crafted cityscape, complete with the the obligatory city-terrorizing Japanese monster.

Freedom of Creation is producing miniature versions of this shoe for smaller stores and as well as replica USB flash drives to be sold along with shoes. Overall, this is a really magnificent visual campaign by Onitsuka Tiger. The actual sneakers being sold may or may not be junk, but the design of its advertising and marketing campaigns sure is beautiful, and isn't that what really matters in the long run?

Via dezeen