FludWatches tell the time, DJ style

Those who spin turntables for a living will dig this FludWatch that looks just like a Technics 1200 turntable, a fave of DJs the world over. While we wish the turntable itself would spin on the watch face, alas, it's only the hands that do the moving.

Choose a black or stainless steel band, or maybe wear one on each wrist to remix your time zones. The watch is just the half of it, too—wait'll you see the box it comes in, which will also be familiar to master touring DJs:


The watch is also available in a more rounded and subtle vinyl record style that's a bit less clunky, but doesn't depict that turntable base and tonearm. We think either one has a pretty cool look, and not a bad value for $59.

Turntable Lab, via technabob