Eye Play convergence product is a strange one

We've seen some really strange tales of convergence in the past, but this one may take the cake. Eye Play is a sunglasses or eyeglasses case and an MP3 player. What do glasses have to do with MP3s? Absolutely nothing, and that is kind of the point.

Eye Play consists of two, flat panel speakers embedded into the case, volume control buttons and an auxiliary input jack to accept any kind of audio source. I guess it works because people sometimes carry a sunglass case around everywhere and usually carry an MP3 player everywhere. The jury is still out on this product, but it's coming around. If you're going to make portable speakers, you may as well put them into something useful, and not just add to the clutter of gadgets already being carried around by the average tech-fiend. Not bad, Eye Play, not bad at all. They are available in black, white, silver and pink for $50.

Eye Play, via mobilemag