Drink Selector Mug ensures a perfect brew, every time

Every week it seems like the office has a new assistant that can ruin your coffee in one way or another. There is finally an option than trying to rely on his or her very sketchy, still college-brain-dead memory and it is with the Drink Selector Mug.

The mug features three different rotating bands that will unveil your drink preferences. The top band determines whether coffee or tea is your preference. The middle band determines the the milk preference, if any and the bottom band determines the sugar preference.

Of course, this mug could provide some office hijinks for others as they change your preferences without you knowing, but in most cases it should give that new office assistant the perfect instructions for pouring a perfect brew. And in today's cutthroat corporate environment, being able to drink coffee is a necessity. The Drink Selector Mug is available for $24.

Drink Selector Mug