Digital tape measure brings an age-old tool into the modern era

Eat your heart out, Bob Vila! The tried and true tape measure, which has been a staple of any do-it-yourselfer for more than a decade, is finally going digital. This digital tape measure looks like a fairly standard retractable tape measure, but it includes an LCD display on the top that will display and even store measurements down to 1/16 of an inch. It includes a variety of different units for measurement and can account for the length of the casing, for measuring in cramped places.

Pulling the tape out will automatically turn on the tape measure and allowing the tape to retract in will disable the tape measure, which is a nice bonus and will save on battery life. Oh, and kids, don't worry—this tape measure can still be used for sword fights and contests to see who can extent the tape long enough without it collapsing. It's available for $25.

Digital Measuring Tape