D batteries are doomed with the Eddie Bauer rechargeable 12V flashlight

You know that big honking flashlight you keep in the trunk? Yeah, that one that is a pain in the ass because the D batteries that always seem to be dead? It's time to toss those flashlights to the wolves because rechargeable flashlights are in, and this one will leave D batteries wishing they still had a purpose.

This Eddie Bauer flashlight recharges via a car's standard 12V cigarette outlet. It is visible from upwards of 160 feet away, and will operate for 10 hours on a full, two-hour juicing. It also includes a little red accessory that turns the flashlight into a distress signaler, even though it really just looks like a miniature light saber. It's available for $16.

Rechargeable Car Flashlight, via Gadgettastic