Cut your Wii Nunchuck wire, solve no problems

If you're the sort of person who just can't stand wires in any situation ever, even if they're part of the design of an object, this Wireless Wii Nunchuck Converter is for you. Sure, the Nunchuck controller for the Wii is supposed to be connected by a cable, hence the name, but who cares? Cables are annoying, rah rah rah!

So this thing will essentially create a wireless connection between the two parts of the controller. You'll need to wrap the cable around one end of it, but in the end I suppose it gets rid of some clutter. Or something. I can't imagine anyone ever buying this thing, but if they took the time to make it you know there are people out there willing to spend the money on it. Oy.

IGN, via GadgetLab