Contemporary light saber or wine-bottle opener, you be the judge

We've seen a steampunk light saber, so who's to say that there shouldn't be a contemporary light saber—especially with how contemporary design is all the rage nowadays? Okay, in all reality, this isn't a contemporary light saber, but rather it is a certainly pretty cordless electric bottle opener.

You pop the device on top of a wine bottle and with a push of a button it is capable of opening any bottle of wine within seconds. Also included is a foil cutter for those damn bottles that need double the layers of protection from getting drunk. Not a wine drinker? Don't fret—the Oster Inspire Cordless/Rechargeable Wine Bottle Opener is only $20, therefore making the perfect cheap gift that appears to have cost more.

Oster Inspire Cordless/ Rechargeable Wine Bottle Opener, via Unplggd