CES Weird: Retro phones will get you nostalgic for landlines

While the major manufacturers have been showing off their latest mobile phones at this year's CES, it was a pleasant surprise to find some phones on the show floor that looked like something my great-grandparents might have used— when they were kids! Paramount Collections of Hong Kong either has our number, or has misdialed on what American's consider "retro chic."

Unlike many knockoffs of old phones, these phones look the part, but fortunately don't sound it. The quality is very good, and the company has done its homework to replicate the exact look of the phones, complete with period materials. Available from ClassicPhone.com, the phones range from a very early 1882 model, which features a real wooden box from 1882, complete with external bell, to the Art Deco and streamlined model from the late 1920s. For those looking to ditch the landline, these might just change your mind.