CES New: XIAS introduces MP3 player, music download site

XIAS (ki-as) is known now (if it's known at all) for its inexpensive digital cameras, but early this year the company plans to introduce an MP3 player and DRM-free music download website. The 4GB video-capable player is most notable for its price: $109, including 10 free downloads from XIASlive.com. It plays MP3s or WMA files and includes an FM radio tuner and a voice recorder. The website is less exciting: it will offer songs for $.99 cents each, which hardly makes it competitive with Amazon's similar DRM-free offerings.

At $109, XIAS's MP3 player probably won't be competitive with its iPod and Zune counterparts, but we'll let you know if the price ever inches down towards a more attractive $50, or even $25.

XIAS Press Release