CES Best: Sennheiser's wireless music earbuds

Earphone cords are sooooo 2007. Sure to be a hit with gym nuts and joggers, Sennheiser’s new MX W1 earbuds ditch the wires, using Kleer’s (pretty killer) wireless technology to deliver excellent sound quality.

I saw and heard a prototype version of the Kleer earbuds at last year’s CES, and I’ve been waiting to see a more polished product ever since (other than the RCA JetStream). It looks like Sennheiser’s MX W1 filled the bill, and in a stylish way — the "twist to fit" design keeps them snug and comfortable in your ear, and they feel just slightly heavier than standard earbuds.

Using a small (matchbook-size) transmitter that attaches to an MP3 player, you can wander around listening to tunes, taunting your wired earbud counterparts along your merry way. The Kleer technology even lets you link two separate sets of earphones to the transmitter, so two users can play at once. They also ship with a carrying case that charges the earbuds up to three times on the go.