CES New: Cue radio is cute, includes requisite iPod dock

Speaking of stylish radios attempting to be Bose-killers, a new company called Cue plans to introduce a radio/iPod dock with quality sound early this year. The Cue R1 Radio does not have a subwoofer but relies instead on a high-power woofer/midrange and a 3/4-inch silk-dome tweeter: it's a small radio that's meant to be played loud. Its power source is internal, which means that unlike similar radios (and an alarming number of tech products in general), the Cue doesn't have a heavy wall wart.

The Cue R1 will cost $399, and you can add another small speaker to the system for $99. Right now it's not iPhone compatible, but we were told that that may change before launch.

Via Cue Acoustics