CES New: Canon debuts HD flash camcorders; say goodbye to tape

Recording high-def video on tape is rapidly becoming a thing of the past now that Canon given the thumbs-up to flash memory for a new generation of HD camcorders. The Vixia HF10 and HF100 (above) capture 1080i video to SD or beefier SDHC cards, with the HF10 also coming with 16GB of built-in memory (the HF100 is card-only). Even though Canon's also debuting a new MiniDV tape-based cam, too (the HV30), you have to infer that tape is well on its way out the door as a recording format in consumer camcorders. And good riddance.

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Both the HF10 and HF100 have a 3.3MP image sensor for taking still pics as well as a 2.7-inch widescreen LCDs. There's also a new video shooting mode called 30p Progressive Mode, which is said to capture better footage of fast-moving action.

Holding the new cams in person at the Canon booth here at CES, I was truly amazed about how small they are. They're easily slipped in a pocket when you're done shooting, though their tiny size also means they'll be more easily left in cabs, too — ot something you want to happen to an $1,100 (HF10) or $900 (HF100) item. Look for them in April.