CES $$$: Creative's inPerson lets you pay a lot of money for video iChat.

Creative showed off its new videoconferencing system here at CES, and it's pretty cute. This portable VoIP phone/web-cam combination has a 7-inch screen, dual microphones with echo cancellation and a high quality camera with wide-angle lens. It's meant to replace expensive corporate conferencing systems, but Creative also has more ambitious plans. From its press release: "Creative inPerson will revolutionize the way people can communicate. You can be there inPerson without having to travel. As soon as you try it for business, you'll want to have it in your home for inPerson calling with friends and relatives." Hmm. We're all for webcam-enabled VoIP phones, but the inPerson costs $700 per unit with a $120 yearly service fee (not including the cost of Internet). We think Creative's hoping that nobody's told big companies that a $70 webcam with an internet connection can get the job done just as well.