CES Best: Rovio patrols your home using any Web device, looks good doing it

CES hasn’t even started yet and I already found a must-have toy to buy. It’s the new Rovio by WowWee, and it’s hands down the best of the remote patrolling robots out there. Why? First, it looks amazing when you see it in action, from its mesmerizing crab-like gate (thanks to its triangular wheel set up) to it's War of the Worlds style camera arm.

Second, the software that lets you control Rovio is also genius: you move it around by simply dragging an icon on a little radar screen. The further from center you move the icon, the faster Rovio will go. You can also set waypoints on the radar, and record any paths you took to have Rovio take the same route again later.

Third and probably best of all, Rovio can stream video to -- and be controlled from -- any Web-enabled device, including a cell phone or video game console. I’m definitely seeing some good Wii/Rovio hacks in the near future. The only downside to Rovio is it won’t be available to the summer, and it will cost around $299.