CES Best: Look ma, no HDMI cable showing

Now that we're all stapling flat screen HDTVs to our wall, we want to keep the surrounding wall clear of wires. This May, Belkin will offer one wireless HDMI solution, something it calls FlyWire. The two-piece system has a transmitter with a multitude of HDMI, component and composite video inputs, and a flat receiver (think of an Apple TV box sliced in half like a bagel) that sits behind your flat panel. FlyWire, which should retail for between $500-$600, transmits uncompressed 1080p HD video in the 5.8 GHz spectrum using an open 1.5 Gbps (that's GIGAbits) protocol called WHDi, developed by an Israeli company called Amimon. FlyWire has a range of about 50-100 feet (they're still working on the specs) and Belkin's engineers want to enable the transmitter to send to as many receivers that are within range. Theoretically, in a small house or apartment, you may be able to watch a Blu-ray movie on any HDTV within FlyWire's range. They're just working on the copyright issues.