CES Best: Alienware's Curved monitor turns your PC room into a supervillain lair

When it comes to serious gaming, LCDs are kind of slow. And most screens are just so square. This week Alienware introduced a 2880x900 curved monitor. It's a DLP rear-projection monitor that lit by LEDs, so it's easier on the eyes and consumes less energy than a normal CRT monitor. It's also three times faster than most LCDs, with a .02ms response time.

This thing is awesome to look at, but it's not perfect yet: if you look closely in some of the pictures below, you'll see vertical shadows at intervals on the screen. It's also not as bright as we might like. Alienware thinks it may be fixed up and ready to ship in the second half of this year. No word yet on pricing: the PR guy told us it would be "more expensive than a 24' but less expensive than a Kia." Very reassuring.