CES Weird: Zoombak for you, your car, your kids, or your dog

Why just LoJack your car, when you can use the same technology on your car, kids AND dog? Zoombak is a personal locator device that’s small enough to go on a dog collar, or in your kid’s backpack. With a small monthly service fee, Zoombak can give unlimited on-demand locations. You can see locate the Zoombak online, with a map showing the exact location. You can set up zone, so the Zoombak will indicate when it’s moved out of the zone. Use it for your dog or kids in the backyard, your car while on vacation, or even set up temporary zones. Set up a zone at your elderly parent’s doctor’s office, so you know they arrived there safely. What do you think: do you want your spouse or mom to be able to track YOUR every move?