CES Weird: Versus Scoreboard may or may not have game

The Versus Scoreboard is another one of those ideas that seems silly to me but might actually be useful for someone, somewhere. That is if this hypothetical someone needs a boombox that also shows the score for "home" and "guest" teams and keeps track of time for quarters, periods or what have you. On the plus side it comes with preprogrammed crowd noises, taunts and stadium effects, can play MP3s via a USB flash drive and accepts a 3.5 mm line-in jack. On the minus side, no one over the age of nine would be caught dead using it. As a bonus (or maybe not) the special edition comes with a Versus-labeled microphone. That means if you have a friend who's not coordinated enough to play whatever game you're into, he or she can use the microphone to announce and humiliate themselves even more.

Versus Scoreboard