CES Weird: Sharp Aquos Net takes your TV to the next level

Sharp just introduced Aquos Net, online connectivity via Ethernet for their Aquos line of televisions. Once connected, you can view your choice of online widgets, in either full or split screen. Sharp has partnered with companies such as WeatherBug for up-to-date weather forecasts, NASDAQ for stock quotes and reports, and Traffic.com for current conditions in your area. For the true art-lover, you can connect with Gallery Player for high-resolution pictures of a selection of fine art. You can even get exclusive content from NBC.com (disclosure: NBC Universal owns DVICE).

In the future, remote diagnostics will help if you are having problems operating your Aquos TV. The owner's manual is online, too, but if you can't figure out how to get online to view the manual, you might be out of luck. Which do you want: a paper manual that's always available, or an online version that you may or may not be able to figure out how to read?