CES Sexy: Pioneer's concept plasma TV puts the 'flat' back in flat panel

Thought those new LG TVs were thin? Honey, Pioneer's shrunk the flat panel even further with its Advanced Design Kuro Concept plasma TV. I haven't clocked it, but I'm pretty sure the 50-inch set is the thinnest plasma ever, at just 9 millimeters — 0.35 inches — deep. As some clever Pioneer reps pointed out, that's thinner than the iPhone, a slice of bread, or even the odd magazine. While that infinite-contrast Pioneer concept TV was effectively camouflaged in a dark room, this one would go unnoticed in any room if you simply turned it sideways.

But just like its dark brother, this flattened flat panel is only a concept at the moment, with no price or scheduled release date. Other TVs get to keep their self-esteem for a little while longer.