CES New: 'Tough day' for Toshiba

Woe is Toshiba.

In the wake of Warner's announcement last week that it was abandoning its long-time hardware partner and HD DVD for rival Blu-ray, Toshiba executives put on as brave a face as they could at the company's press event earlier this morning.

Toshiba America president and CEO Akio Ozaka was "particularly disappointed" in the Warner decision, and Toshiba DVD marketing VP Jodi Sally (pictured) noted that "this is a tough day for me." After acknowledging the 800-pound Warner announcement gorilla in the room, Sally reiterated HD DVD's benefits and strong fourth quarter HD DVD hardware sales, then left the stage and the room without taking questions.

Unasked and unanswered was what Toshiba plans to do now that only the Steven Spielberg-less Universal and Paramount remain to provide HD DVD titles, other than carry on the best it can. But the consensus among the press seems to be that this may be the beginning of the end of HD DVD's quixotic quest for next-generation DVD conquest.