CES New: Sunshine on your shoulder charges your Bluetooth earpiece

Don't ask us how to pronounce it, but thanks to Iqua (Eye-kwa?) you'll never have to plug in your Bluetooth headphone to recharge it again. The Iqua (Ick-ua?) SUN (BHS-603) is powered by available light, indoors or out, and supplies up to 12 hours of chatting and unlimited standby time as long as there's light. No, we don't know why you can't talk indefinitely if you're in strong light, but if we had to guess it's probably because talking uses power faster than the Iqua (Eye-cue-ah?) can absorb and store it.

You can stick the SUN (the earpiece, not the star) in your ear or hang it over same with the included hook. The SUN (the earpiece, not the star) weighs less than an ounce, so your head won't tilt to one side after wearing it all day. The SUN (the earpiece, not the star) will be available and powered at many places under the sun (the star, not the earpiece) for $100 later this month.