CES New: Sharp's G3 TVs are gamers' delight

Like most people, you probably spend 12 to 18 hours a day playing video games. You are painfully aware that the digital processing in many displays adds latency — a time lag between a console input (like pulling a trigger) and the displayed response (like firing the weapon). A very annoying, and potentially fatal flaw. The new GP3 LCD screens (technically, LC-32GP3U) provide 32 inches of gaming nirvana — in full 1080p HD, of course.

The GP3 displays have Vyper Drive, which reduces that lag to what Sharp says are imperceptible levels. Further, a Game Mode provides quick access to side-terminal inputs for connecting your console, and a subwoofer output lets you jack in an active sub (an obviously essential gaming accessory). The inputs, by the way, are 1080p-compatible and support 24 frames per second for displaying films in native format. You also get PC connectivity with a 15-pin D-sub connector or with a DVI-I to HDMI adapter. A pixel response time of 6ms delivers smooth video, even with fast action.

A GP3 series display, available in black, red and white, will set you back a cool $1,600. What do you think: a small price to pay for ridding the universe of mutant monsters?