CES New: Samsung's TechBot LCDs — create your own news scroll

LCDs have been picking up ground fast in the HDTV scene the last few years, and now they’re adding new tech tricks that will make them even more drool-worthy. Witness the new Samsung 750 LCD HDTV, with an Ethernet port and “InfoLink” RSS service that streams live info — stocks, weather, sports — on the bottom of the screen. The new networking features can also be used to display videos and music from PCs, camcorders, and media players, and you can connect external devices via a built-in USB slot on the side.

Let’s just hope these new tech-savvy TVs don’t start behaving like their PC brethren, forcing us to reboot right in the middle of a gripping Columbo rerun, or flashing spyware messages on a 4th and goal.

The 750 LCD HDTVs will be available in May, at 40-inches, 46-inches and 52-inches.