CES New: Samsung ready to bring 3D to TV

Believe it or not, like it or not, 3D TV is finally coming. Samsung will ship the first commercial 3D plasma TV in late March in 720p 42- and 50-inch varieties. You have to attach a PC loaded with special 3D software to your TV via VGA to play either 3D video games – Samsung says there are around 100 3D PC games – or 3D movies, available from god knows where, and you have to wear special glasses that look like clunky Ray-Bans. When you're not watching 3D, rendered in 120 Hz, you can watch regular 2D HDTV in the regular 60 Hz.

In my three minutes worth of experience – there were crowds of impatient people in the Samsung booth waiting to take a peek – I saw only a bit of flicker. I'm not sure if I could watch it for a two-hour movie, plus their glasses didn't fit over my glasses as comfortably as I'd like. But the guy playing the road race game on the set in the picture seemed to be having a wonderful time. Samsung says these 450 Series plasmas won't cost any more than regular 42- or 50-inch HDTVs.