CES New: Pioneer navigator knows, um, what you, er, mean when you talk to it

Have you ever been driving with your head craned to your shoulder, balancing your cellphone while trying to type something on your in-dash GPS? If you have, then you're a very dangerous individual, and you really need to get your head on straight. That, or get Pioneer's AVIC-F500BT navigator. With voice recognition, Bluetooth for connecting wirelessly to your phone, and text-to-speech ability, it should have enough communications tech to ensure your hands stay on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

The voice recognition is made even better with "Intent Recognition" and "Conversational Commands." The first knows to ignore the "ums" and "ers" when you talk, and the second makes it smart enough to know that "Play U2," and "Let's hear some U2," mean the same thing.

Bonus 1: Thought it rests in a cradle on your dash while you're driving, the gadget is ready to go with you when you need to take it for walk. Bonus 2: MSN Direct, which gets you information on traffic, weather, movie times and even gas prices.

Coming spring 2008; no price info yet.