CES New: Dash Express for connected in-car navigation

Sure, there is a plethora of GPS devices available for your car. And sure, some of them provide real-time traffic updates. However, the Dash Express Automotive Navigation system adds so much more to the mix. Using a combination of WiFi and GPRS cellular connections, the Dash gives you the most up-to-the-minute traffic information, provided by online services and even cooler - from other Dash users in the area. When you enter in a destination, Dash offers you three route options, and includes traffic conditions on even the smallest side street. After you've selected a route, it will inform you if something has disrupted traffic flow on that route and offer alternatives. However, the best part is that you can send addresses to the system directly from the Internet. In fact, your friends can also send you information, even after you're on the road. Say they hear about an awesome party going on across town. They simply go online and use the Send2Car feature and you're on your way to the best party in town. Need to stop and freshen up on the way? Connect through either YahooLocal to search for the nearest gas station, and check its credentials on safe2pee.org. Dash takes navigation into the express lane.