CES New: Casio bursts in with EX-F1, ultraslim point-and-shoot cameras

To commemorate its 50th year in business, Casio is coming on strong with what it calls the "third generation" of digital cameras. This year Casio will be introducing five new models, including four point-and-shoot cameras as well as a new semipro model, the Exilim EX-F1.

Billed as the world's fastest "burst shooting" digital camera, meaning it can take several quick shots at once, it offers a prerecorded-image option that begins to cache frames before you even push the shutter. The EX-F1 features a rapid flash function, a 12x zoom, ability to shoot in RAW and DNG, and HD video recording (1080i) with up to 1,200 frames per second!

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On the point and shoot front Casio will be rolling four models in 2008 including the EX-S10, which is being called the world's smallest and thinnest digital camera. It will be available in four colors including red, blue, silver and black. This 10MP camera will feature a 3x zoom, auto shutter, YouTube mode and is iTunes-compatible. Rounding out the point-and-shoot models are the EX-Z80, an 8.1MP camera that will be available in six colors; the EX-Z100, the first Casio camera to offer a 4x optical zoom; and the EX-Z200, which will feature a CCD-shift wide-angle 28mm lens.

While pricing wasn't announced, Casio seems poised to make a major splash in the digital-camera market, and with the EX-F1 there will be a camera that will capture it in stunning detail. It is almost enough to forget those low budget keyboards and campy watches from the 1980s. What more could you want?