CES $$$: Hyundai makes $70K LCD screens that won't play your DVDs

When the word Hyundai comes up, we Americans think of cheap rental cars. But the Korean company is capable of making much more expensive high-end products — art, even — whose price could buy you several American Hyundai vehicles.

This year at CES the company was showcasing this impressive folding screen: a room divider that sports four LCDs, one for each panel of the screen. The screens play images that look like a screensaver, if a beautiful and elaborate one. The ink-drawing style images of cranes, lily pads, and rose petals are animated, with animals flying from one pane to another on a long, memorizing loop. The screen isn't for sale in the United States yet, but a spokesman told us that if it were, it would be priced in the $70,000 range, not necessarily because the technology is so expensive but because it's art. Who knew Hyundai could be so classy?