CES 2008 DVICE TV: Neonode N2 is a Pint-sized iPhone

Neonode was showing off its N2 phone at CES 2008, a pint-sized cell phone that claims to out do the iPhone when it comes to touch screens. The Windows-based N2 has "gesture control" that is sort of like the iPhone's but is supposedly better because its optical touch technology is not heat dependent like the iPhone's touch screen (meaning you don't have to take off your gloves in winter to use it), and it uses both horizontal and vertical "sweeping" gestures for navigation.

The Neonode has a footprint smaller than a credit card and weighs a scant 60 grams. But it won't be available in the US until the second quarter of 2008 and pricing has not been set yet, and Neonode has yet to announce a carrier deal.