CES $$$: $20,000 case for your crackberry

Forget dipping your iPod or Blackberry into a vat of gold when you can buy a hoity-toity case to show off how much money you can flush away. Case-Mate has unveiled a $20,000 Blackberry case at CES that is covered in gold (15 grams) and jewels (3.5 carats).

What's better than knowing you can afford to plunk down the money for this protective case? How does free sound? Case-Mate will be giving this diamond studded case away to one randomly selected entrant, which means the lucky winner better have a Blackberry, or better know the way to the pawn shop before the IRS shows up looking for its cut. For the rest of us, Case-Mate is also featuring a selection of cases that are more reasonably priced.

Via Born Rich