Cantaro planter project has plants talking to you

You know the old tale about how talking to plants is supposed to help them grow? I've always thought of that as a lot of rubbish, but a project named Cantaro has flipping the tables and enabled the plants to talk back to you. Cantaro involves a hacked portable CD player that is attached to a microcontroller and a speaker in a planter. If the plant is being watered, the speaker will begin to produce "watery sounds." When in direct sunlight the planter will product bright and happy sounds and vice versa when not receiving any sunlight.

It also has some brains, as well. It will explore different combinations of music to see how the plant is affected. Personally, with my track record keeping plants alive, I would hate to hear what a plant would have to say to me, so I'll just stick with my regular planters, thank you very much.

Cantaro, via WMMNA