Can a universal remote control be sexy? Let's ask the Logitech Harmony One

And the remote responds with an enthusiastic yes! The Harmony One is Logitech's latest addition to its line of exceptional consumer-focused universal remote controls. The One seems to be a happy middle-man between Logitech's high-end Harmony 1000 and some of the middle- to lower-end models.

The one advantage the One has over the 1000 is the form factor. No matter how many times companies try, that brick-style of remote control just doesn't work. Consumers need something that is lightweight, sexy and can fit in one hand, like a glove.

The Harmony One includes a 2.2-inch, full-color touch screen that can be programmed specifically for the most uptight remote control snob. An included lithium-ion battery and charging station ensures the junk-drawer battery hunt will never take place, at least for the remote. The glossy black layout increases home entertainment sexiness 10-fold and as always, Logitech's installation software makes it easy as pie to replace up to 15 remotes in your home with this one device. It is available for $250.

Logitech Harmony One