Boy genius plays with commuter trains in Poland like a toy set

In a show of MacGyver-esque brilliance, a 14 year old boy in Poland managed to use scavenged odds and ends to hijack a tram system in his country's city of Łódź. Sadly, a bit like MacGyver's nemesis Murdoc, the boy decided to use his cleverness to do harm.

The trams in Łódź still use infrared signals to direct trains and control the tracks. Using information and parts stolen from train yards, the boy was able to fashion an infrared remote controller that allowed him to completely take away conductors' control of the trams, and change the directions of the tracks — sometimes forcing trams to jump onto other lines. His amusements derailed four cars and injured 12 people. Luckily, no fatalities were reported., via Hacked Gadgets