Boxing Grannies beat out age-old disputes

Was a pie left out on a windowsill too long? A bottle of pills swapped for a laxative? Pepper sprinkled inside a wig? We may never know, but all that matters now is that the Boxing Grannies have their hi-tops laced up and their gloves snug and ready to fight.

Just like the famous Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, the Boxing Grannies are controlled by buttons on their bases which correspond to either arm. A solid hit will send a Granny reeling backward on her heels and a point will be added to the heavy slugger. But don't worry — she'll pop right back up swinging those twigs called arms.

A set of two Boxing Grannies costs around $25, and is all you need for a geriatric throw-down.

I Want One Of Those, via Nerd Approved