Bluetooth prosthetic legs allow double amputees to walk again

Here's an interesting technical upgrade for prosthetic legs that I never thought about before: giving them the ability to "talk" to each other via Bluetooth. The future is now!

Outfitted out double amputee Marine Lance Cpl. Joshua Bleill, they use Bluetooth to make sure they're in sync. Says Bleill, " They mimic each other, so for stride length, for amount of force coming up, going uphill, downhill and such, they can vary speed and then to stop them again." It's certainly an interesting idea, although the idea of having legs that just start walking seems kind of crazy. But apparently he can slow them down and stop them by applying pressure with his thigh muscles. It's certainly a better solution than a wheelchair, and we look forward to seeing technology like this continue to get more and more sophisticated.

CNN, via Engadget