Bad idea of the day: Cardboard crib

I'm almost positive there are parents out there who would like to box their kids up and ship them somewhere else, and the cardboard crib from the Little Fashion Gallery is kind of giving them an excuse. The crib is made from heavy-duty cardboard that the company claims will not only hold your little bundle of joy, but looks chic too. And if you need to roll the bugger around, the heavy duty wheels, — which look an awful lot like those found on the bottom of a shopping cart, should do the trick.

Why is this such a bad idea? While green is the in thing, better make potty-training a high priority as a few wet ones left by a sleeping child will eventually cause this paper product to lose its stability. Then there's the price tag of $300. Seriously? Head on down to your local hardware store and pick up an empty refrigerator box for free. In either case, you'll be spending much more on psychiatrist bills when junior gets older as he tries to work out his issues of mommy and daddy making him sleep in a shipping container, all the while claiming they love him. I'm all for modern design, but this one belongs in the recycling bin. Hip parents know that magnetic levitation is the way to go.

Little Fashion Gallery via Baby Gadget