Apple's Time Capsule: Back up your MacBook in style

Backing up your data with Apple’s Time Machine is easy — as long as you have a hard disk permanently attached to your desktop. With those sleek MacBooks, it’s more of a hassle, since you need to plug your notebook into a separate drive every time you back up your data. If you’re at all like me, if you do it, it’s probably something like once a month at the most.

Apple’s Time Capsule server-grade backup drive takes away the hassle by letting you back up wirelessly. Equipped with 802.11n Wi-Fi, Time Capsule can gobble up those files pretty quickly. It has room for all your MacBook files and then some in either the 500GB ($299) or the 1TB ($499) versions. Able to serve multiple machines, it’s also a fully function Wi-Fi base station, so there’s no need for a separate AirPort for wireless Internet — just hook it up to this baby. Time Capsule is coming in February.