Apple to offer movie rentals; Netflix responds with unlimited online streaming

Steve Jobs' Macworld keynote is tomorrow, and insiders expect that one of his many announcements will be to offer video rentals over iTunes. Apple will charge $4 for a movie download that can be viewed within 24 hours.

Any new video-rental venture naturally encroaches on Netflix's territory, and Netflix has responded preemptively by allowing most of its users unlimited access to its streaming video service. Only subscribers with the least-expensive Netflix plan ($5 a month) will have caps on their Watch Instantly viewing time. We checked the site and the change is effective already — we have access to unlimited online video streaming (432 hours between now and the end of the month!). Or, that is we would if we didn't use an Apple computer. Dammit Netflix, you should offer a huge discount to Mac users.

Via The New York Times